A Few Ministries of Jubilee......

Sunday School


Every Sunday Morning at 9:30am there are classes for all ages.  We teach the Bible in way that everyone can understand.  Questions are asked and answered!  "If you know your Bible, the Sunday School needs you, if you don't know your Bible, you need Sunday School, everybody needs Sunday School!!"

Music Ministry


Our atmosphere is conducive for worship and the Music ministry helps set the pace!  Missionary DanVonique Bletson-Reed and the crew keep it lively by giving God all the glory.  You will not fall asleep!!!

Youth Ministry


We have a motivated group of youth that are Willing Workers for Jesus Christ.  Our Young Men of Valor and Young Women of Excellence are living and learning how to be positive role models in the midst of peer pressure, and how to to do it God's way!



Matthew 25: 34-36 encourages us to serve others.  Our goal is to share with others the liberating power of Jesus Christ.  It doesn't matter what your condition or status in life........God is able!!

Men Ministry


Iron sharpens Iron!  We are a brotherhood working harmoniously to build the kingdom of God.  We gather monthly, serve at the Men's Mission and follow it up with fellowship and much more......Hebrews 13: 1

Women Ministry


The women of Jubilee are organized, unified and explosive!!  They serve monthly at the Women's Mission, have exciting outings and teachings that build each other as individuals and families as a whole.....They are on the move for God!!